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Amanda Bynes is looking so good and healthy! Congrats to her for her recovery :)


There are people telling funny history stories and I wanted to tell my favorite! 

Okay, so. When Napoleon invaded Egypt, the Egyptians wanted to get in his good favor, so they sent along two teenage girls to him for him to use as he pleased. Napoleon was disgusted, because um, no, and he was madly in love with Josephine. So he sent them back. And, well, the Egyptian ministers must have misunderstood. 

Because they sent back two ten year old boys.  


Beautiful South America


Photographs by Thom Sheridan

In 1986, the United Way attempted to break the world record for balloon launches, by releasing 1.5 million balloons, which resulted in two deaths, millions in lawsuits, and a devastating environmental impact.

Deputies, we hardly knew ye


Okay seriously NO OFFENSE to Deputy Parrish fans, because he is hot and he has the sass and I understand why you like him, I like him too, but here’s the problem I’m having with Jeff Davis right now. (I say “right now” because I have problems with him always.) We know he has problems with writing black characters, in that apparently he thinks that giving them storylines would make Teen Wolf an “issues” show, and we know that he has trouble writing women in that he mostly kills them a lot. But both of Parrish’s predecessors — by which I mean the most visible recurring deputy characters — were black women. So the difference between their presence on the show and his presence on the show is like… REALLY obvious. And depressing.

The first one didn’t have a name, as far as I know, and I can’t recall her having any lines either, aside from that time Derek flirted with her. She died horribly in Matt’s attack on the sheriff station. The second one didn’t have any lines at all to my recollection (somebody please correct me if I’m wrong I’m mentally blocking out large swaths of season 3A), but we got a name for her and a bit of dialogue about who she was and Stiles’ backstory with her, essentially so that we and Stiles would feel personally invested in her death, despite her total lack of on-screen anything. (She also died horribly, sacrificed by the Darach; all of her character development, if you could call it that, was post-mortem.) [EDIT: I’ve just been reminded she had a few lines, the most significant of which were when she told Danny and some other kids to leave the school. I forgot about it because I was busy shouting at my television at the time with things like NO YOU LEAVE THE SCHOOL. YOU LEAVE IT. YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY ABOUT TO DIE. And then she died. Son of a bitch.]

The thing is, you could’ve taken either of those deputies and given them any of Parrish’s lines and given them the exact same level of development with zero changes to those scripts. They could’ve sassed back at some assholes and had an Army backstory and bad-ass expertise and moments of cool. But they didn’t get that. They were in the background and then they were dead. And then you have an attractive white guy cast for basically the SAME PART, and his casting is announced in advance, he’s got a name, he’s got an actual part, he’s got a backstory, a few good scenes, dialogue, and springboarding off of that he’s already basically got a fan club.

My point isn’t that you shouldn’t like him, because I totally support your life choices, A+++ would stare at his pretty eyes again. My point is mostly that the way you write black characters is by writing them. As characters. Like it’s seriously not that fucking hard.

IDEK I was just thinking about how bad-ass that first female deputy would’ve looked in a flak jacket, doing bomb squad-y stuff. Also, I like to think she and Derek went on a date later and had terrific, life-affirming, no-strings-attached casual sex. With cuddling after. Because goddammit they both deserved it.


ellen degeneres and her selfies

Being a part of something special, makes you special.


I want to make an exit like this someday.



What Earth would look like if it has rings

Petition for Earth to get rings.